How You Can Help Your Child Stop Drinking Soda and Juice


A child’s body is 70% water, and even slight dehydration could lead to a health risk.  That is why drinking plenty of fluids is very important during the childhood years. When I talk about the importance of fluids, I don’t include sweet drinks such as soda in this recommendation. Soda drinks are fluids but with a high amount of sugar and other artificial additives (colors, flavors and more), which make them less healthy drink options. Continue reading “How You Can Help Your Child Stop Drinking Soda and Juice”

The Truth About Orange Juice

Is Orange Juice Bad for Your Kids?!!


Many parents know that soda is unhealthy and not recommended for children or adults. But what about orange juice and other fruit juices? We know it’s very important healthwise to eat fruit every day, but do fruit juices deliver the same nutritional benefits?  The answer is:  NO! Continue reading “The Truth About Orange Juice”