Private Schools Partnerships

In addition to partnering with public school PTAs, Habitz also partners with private schools. Habitz does this by sharing a portion of the revenue we receive from purchases made through the Habitz Store (inside the Habitz app).

For private school administrators:

Please make sure to sign up with Habitz using the form below. We’re unable to share any revenue until your school is registered with us. Once you registered, we’ll provide you with a unique school code that you can pass out for parents to use.

Revenue sharing details: After your school has registered, Habitz will share 10% of revenue from affiliate income that is generated through the in-app Habitz store for users who have entered in their school’s code. Once a school has 100 or more students signed up with Habitz, the revenue sharing percentage doubles to 20%.

Schools are under no obligation to help promote Habitz to their students, but the more students use Habitz, the more money the school will receive. What’s more, kids who use Habitz will have access to rich health education content, which means more students making healthy choices.

Habitz does provide posters and flyers (both digital and physical) for schools that would like to promote Habitz.


For parents:

When signing up for Habitz from within the app, make sure to enter the code for your school. If you’re unsure which code is for your school, please check with the school administration to ensure that they’ve registered with Habitz and have received a code.

If you’ve already signed up for Habitz but haven’t entered in the school code, don’t worry! You can go back into ‘Settings’ at any time and enter the code.


Private School Registration Form: